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GILLO, a.k.a. Michele Frangilli, is the world's most decorated archer. His gold medal prowess is reflected in his products, which have featured his namesake since 2014. He shares his expertise in material selection and design with archers worldwide.

Especially notable in the GT series is the newly crafted limb pockets, snugly securing limbs while offering up to 30% adjustability in draw weight. Rigid vibration dampers and stabilizer/dampener bushings are integrated into Formula risers, fitting all Formula Limb Fitting System limbs.

Experience winning precision with the Gillo Handle GT Lux 23 Formula. Expertly designed for balance and accuracy, this handle promotes an effortless shooting technique for flawless form. Perfect for serious archers looking to take their game to the next level.

Key Features:

- Exceptional Balance: The Gillo GT Lux 23 Formula Handle offers exceptional balance, ensuring stability and control with every shot.

- Premium Materials: Crafted from high-quality materials, this handle is both durable and lightweight, allowing for extended shooting sessions without fatigue.

- Precision Engineering: With Formula System compatibility, this handle offers precise limb alignment, resulting in improved arrow flight and accuracy.

- Ergonomic Grip: The ergonomic grip design provides comfort and confidence, allowing you to focus on your target without distraction.

Why Choose the Gillo GT Lux 23 Formula Handle?

- Proven Performance: Trusted by archers at all levels, the Gillo GT Lux 23 Formula Handle consistently delivers top-tier performance.

- Italian Craftsmanship: Experience the artistry and quality synonymous with Italian craftsmanship, showcased in every detail of this handle.

- Versatility: Whether you're a competitive archer or a passionate bowhunter, this handle adapts to your specific archery style and preferences.

- Compatibility: Designed to work seamlessly with Formula System limbs, this handle enhances the accuracy and consistency of your shots.

Technical Specifications:

- Recurve, Bare Bow & Hunting riser.
- Formula Limbs compatible.
- Floating limbs pockets allow over 30% poundage adjustment range.
- Integrated shock absorbers
- 23.5” length, RH version only.
- Body and Pockets machined from solid Aluminum bar.
- Matte sandblasted anodized surface.
- Brass Limbs alignment plates.
- Special round seat for optional balancing weight.
- Stainless steel limbs bolts assembled in AL 7075 black anodized bodies.
- Hard Wood, root color medium grip.
- 1 front stabs bushings, made by Stainless Steel Gold color Titanium Nitride coated.
- Compatible to all GILLO grips.
- Approx. 1350 gr total weight.
- Dual Color versions RH: Grey (KGY), Military Green (KGM).
- Packing includes Manual with Warranty card, GRS-03 riser protection sleeve, 4 Allen wrenches and 2 bolt locking brass grub screws.