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Key features:
  • The brand new KSL Grip by USA Olympic Head Coach Kisik Lee is hands down the best recurve grip ever created
  • Designed with biomechanics in mind, this grip will promote exceptionally easy and consistent grip placement. From the first time you set your hand in the grip you will understand exactly how it works
  • The KSL Grip utilizes unique 3D printing technology and material to provide an amazing texture and stay firmly locked in your hand even when wet
  • The best description for the feel of the grips texture is that is is similar to wood but with much more traction than a traditional wood grip.
  • Available for Hoyt, and Win & Win recurve risers.
  • Includes black collectors box with KSL logo.
  • Weight 0.142 kg
Technical specifications:
  • Compatibility: for Win&Win
  • Handedness: LH, RH