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Key features:
  • For tuning a range of Mathews compound bows
  • Adjust your cam position
  • Correct your bareshaft tune or tear
  • 50831A can be used for: Atlas, Halon 32-5/32-6/32-7/5/6/7/X/X COMP, Lift 29.5/33, Phase 4 29/33, Title 36/38, Traverse, TRG 7/8/9, TRX 34/36/38/38 G2/40/7/8, TX-5, V3 27/31, V3X 29/33, VXR 28/31.5, Wake
  • 51121A Can be used for: Avail, Stoke, HTR, HTX
  • 50660A can be used fot: Chill, Chill-R-X, SDX
Technical specifications:
  • Compatibility: Atlas/Avail/Stoke/HTR/HTX, Chill/Chill-R-X/SDX, V3/Halons/TRX/TRG/Wake