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Key features:
  • Draw length ranging from 23 to 30"
  • The Nexus features a lighter cam system paired with a reduced cable splitter weight.
  • The overall vibration is cut in half compared to the Prime Black series bows.
  • The Nanogrip is made with the use of aerogel technology, which NASA uses aswell. A thin layer wraps to cover 360 degrees around the riser to create a warm feeling in the grip, no matter what temperature.
  • Parallel cam technology is designed to eliminate cam lean.
  • Compression axle technology is designed to use the axle bearing to its full potential
  • 82X aluminium is a perfect combination of strength along with being lightweight.
  • Centergy technology is a center balanced riser designed to help being more accurate.
  • Flexis AR is a adjustable flexing roller guard. This roller guard is designed for tuning and reducing side load caused by the cables.
Technical specifications:
  • Mass Weight: 1928 gram
  • Draw Length: 23.0 - 30.0 inch
  • Poundage: 30 - 80 lbs
  • Axle to Axle: 32 inch
  • Factory Speed: 341 fps
  • Brace Height: 6 inch
  • Let-off %: 65 - 90 %
  • Material: 82X Aluminium
  • Cam Type: R2